Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stats on the Season So Far

After a rocky start, Boston (9-4) now holds the #4 spot in the East and its players are not shying away from the statistics board. Kevin Garnett's long arms and general tenacity have cinched in midway through the Rebounds Per Game category, at a solid 10.8, as he remains the top rebounder for the Celtics with 141 rebounds on the year so far. KG's numbers are more impressive on the defensive side, as he stands in 3rd place with 132, which make up for most of his total rebounds.

Meanwhile, new Celtic Paul Millsap is taking care of the offensive side on the glass, comfortably holding a sufficient 2.2 with a total of 26 on the year. It is well known that a crucial offensive rebound down the stretch in a close game can make a huge difference in regards to the outcome.

Rajon Rondo has made 92 shots on the season, leading his team as he continues to slice his way through opposing defenses while having the discretionary vision to know when he should pass and when he should shoot, clearly more confident with his shooting than last year.

As a whole, Boston leads the Eastern Conference in Assists Per Game, a testament of their solid team chemistry on the floor and how they love to share the ball, which accordingly delivers to them the highest % in both FG (48.6) and 3 point shooting (39.7)

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