Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visiting 76ers Get "86ed" by Boston (11-4)

Ask the Phoenix Suns of yesteryear how valuable a fluent offense is for a team that doesn't commit to defense.

Then watch the Celtics. I mean, the Boston Guns. And no, I don't mean The Departed). The "Green Dream" actually plays defense, and frankly shot the lights out against the visiting squad from Philly. Jason Terry truly showed his range tonight, swishing 5 from beyond the arc, and so did Pierce, Fisher and Josh Howard. In a tidbit, all of them were outdone by Jrue Holiday whose prayer from beyond half court closed the half.

After a close early meeting this season, Boston looked to prevail again and diligently protected a 10-or-so point lead for the duration of the game, a lead that exploded into a 20 point margin of victory as Jared Sullinger rattled in a 3 pointer to crack 100 for the overjoyed Celtics fans. KG, showing his lasting passion for the game, 'slingshot' in 25 points as fuel for the offensive storm.

While the 76ers weren't as careless as other teams on the defensive end, they weren't sticking like glue to the Celtics either, the same glue that kept Spencer Hawes' feet wandering too long in the key late in the 3rd quarter. The difference maker here was the phenomenal shooting caused by the pragmatic and cerebral playing style of Boston. It was the icing on the cake, as Philadelphia began to falter, despite a strong effort by Jrue Holiday (28 points), a modest but uninspired showing by Andrew Bynum and a couple rim-shattering windmill dunks by Jason Richardson. Boston was simply magical tonight.

All the Celtics played well, played hard, played together, and all of their fans went home happy...unlike the Sixers who fall to 7-8 on the season.

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