Saturday, August 25, 2012

Celtics (15-6) cruise past visiting Bucks

The Bucks shot themselves into a loss while playing around on defense as the Celtics poured in shots past them.

Rajon Rondo had 15 points, but with a 20 point lead half way through the 3rd quarter, he left to go get cozy on the bench, along with the rest of Boston's starting five, who put up a modest combined effort. KG was contented with a double double (12 points and 11 rebounds on solid 6-10 shooting) and the others shot similarly well. An effortless display of dominance ensued when sixth man Josh Howard (season high 22 points) sank a 3, only for Milwaukee to cough up the ball on the inbound, which led to a second 3 point swish by Paul Pierce.

Kenyon Martin had it going, chipping in 6 points. Derek Fisher did relatively well, giving 9 points and 5 assists. Avery Bradley dipped in 8, and Fab Melo took KG's place at Center for 8 rebounds and 4 points.

Although the game degraded into a complacent 3 point shootout in the tedious 4th quarter, which saw Milwaukee cut the lead to 7 at one point, Boston clearly wasn't worried, sinking free throws with ease as the Bucks feebly tried to foul their way back into the contest they'd run away from for 3 quarters.

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