Friday, August 24, 2012

Rondo (and Boston) Obliterate Bobcats

To say Rajon Rondo had a chip on his shoulder, fresh off a disheartening loss against the defending champions, Miami Heat, would, well, be a severe understatement.

Rajon Rondo played the entire length of regulation and scored at will against the troubled Charlotte Bobcats, who fared a lot better in their first meeting with Boston earlier this season. "Scoring at will" meaning Charlotte couldn't stop him from driving into the lane, pulling up on double teams and scoring, or passing to his teammates. He cruised his way to 54 points, but it must have been a very angry ride.

Whether Rondo was upset with himself, or wanted to prove that he won't let down the Celtics again in big games, it worked and even had the Charlotte crowd chanting "MVP" as he repeatedly drained faaaaar three pointers for pure sport. The other Celtics? Well, they scored, too.

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