Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celtics have 'magical' 3rd quarter against Orlando.

After a sluggish effort in the 1st quarter and a 28-19 start by Orlando, the task of beating the home team seemed daunting for Boston. By halftime, however, the score was tied at 50 all.

Then something truly magical happened, as if a containment spell fell over Boston's rim and an enlarging spell stretched Orlando's really wide. Shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, was easily tossed into the basket by the unstoppable Celtics.

Yet Orlando barely scored 17 to Boston's near double of 33 in the 3rd, elevating the visiting squad with an 83-67 lead going into the final and hopeless quarter for Orlando. With a stunned crowd, the Magic continued to be outscored by Boston (41 to 37), capping Boston's fantastic turnaround into a 20 point victory that left the Magic with a chorus of jeers from the unfrozen crowd afterward to close the shocking festivities.

Amidst the lopsided outcome, Josh Howard (a shattering 25 points off 7 threes), Derek Fisher (9 points on 3's) and Kenyon Martin (26 points, 3 blocks) carried--yes, carried--the Celtics to a victory, as the unlikely spark that catapulted Boston back into the game and then some, along with 24 solid points from beastly Kevin Garnett and 9 assists from Rajon Rondo, who sat out the rest of Orlando's flattening deconstruction with only 5 points. The Truth chipped in 16 points on efficient shooting as well, but despite good shooting overall by the starters, this game belonged to the bench.

Sadly, what looked like a dominant home win for the struggling Magic (33 by Al Harrington, 21 by Arron Affalo, 30 and 12 assists by Jameer Nelson) obviously got bewitched--or B. Celtic'ed.

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