Monday, August 20, 2012

Jazz gives Boston the blues, Celtics fall to 5-4

Maybe it was Rajon Rondo fouling out to kick off the closely contested 4th quarter, or maybe Utah simply outplayed the hometown heroes. Either way, Mo Williams frustrated Boston's defense all night, forced to double team the Salt Lake City bound ex Clipper, thus allowing more movement and less defensive pressure for Gordon Hayward and Al Jefferson. They made Boston pay, and so did recent castoff Jeff Green, who scorned his former team after being traded at the tip of the regular season.

The effort from Boston was so-so at best and scatterbrained at worst. Sparks of brilliance calmed a storm by Utah that ended the 3rd, as Boston battled back, making smart plays with Garnett (26 points) and Terry. Soon, the lead had swerved back to the Celtics. But it wasn't to last. Without Rondo's leadership and an insufficient amount of aggressiveness from Pierce, the loss fell on Terry and Boston's weak play bled them out, since Millsap and the bench were non-factors.

This game will be remembered as a 4 point lead that Boston blew in the final two minutes of regulation. Hopefully, Atlanta will help get the Celtics back up to form as another night in Beantown promises (at least) a supportive crowd, even if Boston did themselves in tonight.

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