Thursday, August 16, 2012

GM's Desk: On the Move

After failing to acquire Marvin Williams (a SF that would more-or-less mend Jeff Green's absence) from Utah, I decided to do other trades.

To Utah Jazz: Brandon Bass (PF)
To Boston Celtics: Randy Foye (SG)
To Minnesota Timberwolves:
Keyon Dooling (PG), Jason Collins (C) & Courtney Lee (SG)
To Boston Celtics: Josh Howard (SF) What I've done for the backcourt is prioritize offense when it comes to playing time. Jason Terry has free range to shoot now, but if he struggles, I can bring in Foye (who has a good mid-range game) in the place of Courtney Lee, who had some skills but was mostly a defensive player by comparison and that wasn't working because I already have Avery Bradley to bring in for necessary defense.

As a side note, I was reluctant to trade Dooling (a good backup PG for Rondo) but Bradley makes him expendable and Dooling's salary was necessary to make the trade for Howard possible, since Lee & Collins have such low monetary weight.

Instead of Marvin Williams, I reel in Josh Howard, who by comparison is a more conventional SF, a faster hybrid of defensive and offensive skill. Lastly, after choosing to sign Martin (who is better defensively than Bass) as a backup for Millsap, Bass was logically traded to accommodate for the offensive talents Farmar would've brought to Boston.

By doing these trades, I've declared the leadership of Paul Pierce, who can shift from SF to SG (if Terry is struggling) while now having someone to take the other position without compromising offensive strength. And clearly, I have improved my bench and now have room to sign a few helpful players for the league minimum.

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