Friday, August 17, 2012

New Orleans vs New Look Celtics

The Hornets visited Beantown, bringing #1 pick, Anthony Davis, along for the trip, only to wind up fleeing back into their hive after buzzing around for 3 quarters but eventually being outplayed by the new look Celtics.

The latest additions in Boston, Paul Millsap, Josh Howard, Randy Foye and Kenyon Martin collaborated for a convincing effort that proved they were worth all trade acquisitions. Millsap played well alongside Garnett (22 points) up front, Howard filled Pierce's shoes nicely off the bench, Foye dished out some assists to excuse a breather for Rondo (28 points) and Kenyon Martin played with lively hustle as he knocked down the mid range jumper.

With Rajon leading the conscientious charge, a promising victory speaks volumes of a resplendent flame in Boston.

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