Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Warriors less than pugnacious in Boston, fall 84-100

Boston had plenty of time to spare for hooligans on the sidelines because Golden State came into the TD Garden with anything other than a fight.

Their defense was stuck in slow motion and sadly their FG% was even worse. Despite gradual high scores by Bogut (17 points), Jarret Jack (18 points) and Stephen Curry (19 points), they more closely resembled the amount of shots GS took instead of shots made. Richard Jefferson shot an abysmal 0/6 from beyond the arc and did his worst with 5/18 shooting otherwise, missing twice as many shots as David Lee (3-9), who couldn't get rolling either.

When the opposing team can't even make a shot, there is no reason to play the starting lineup. And while Jason Terry & Kevin Garnett chimed in 18 and 17 respectively, they spent most of their time on the bench, along with Rajon Rondo (12 points), who is better served for actually competitive games. In their place, Josh Howard leaped off the bench, going for 12 points, as well as Derek Fisher who dictated the play making, scoring 17 points off 6/12 shooting and 4 from downtown.

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