Thursday, August 16, 2012

GM's Desk: Welcome to Beantown, Millsap!

After comparing Martin, Bass & Millsap, I found Millsap was the most efficient player and definitely superior to Bass. So I went through with this trade.

To Utah Jazz: Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox To Boston Celtics: Paul Millsap

Utah wouldn't bite on the alternative (Wilcox & Bass for Millsap). I don't like losing Green, but he has been inconsistent despite his auspicious stats.

At this stage, Bass is expendable, but could serve as a nice backup for Millsap off the bench. Martin could fill that role as well, though, and that would mean signing him over Farmar. Yet, to make up for doing so, I could trade Bass for a similar player that would fill Farmar's role instead. Or alternatively, I could sign Farmar and trade Bass for a similar Small Forward like Green, who I've just traded, and use the rookie, Jared Sullinger, off the bench, or even use Fab Melo more when Millsap needs to rest.

Either way, getting Millsap helped things on defense and on offense as he is superior to Bass. The question is: "Farmar or Martin?"

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