Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celtics (20-7) outrun Pacers and pull off surprising rout.

The Pacers raced up and down the court, to score and from downtown, but in the 4th quarter they tumbled and Boston took their "pace" to make it their own with a crippling 60% improvement in field goal shooting. The home team made Indiana's collective head spin with 9 dizzying fast break points, mimicking the Pacers for their raucous playing style that unfortunately led to many missed shots down the stretch on Indiana's side.

Efficient shooting by Indiana and spirited overall play posed quite the challenge for Boston to overcome, but overcome it they did. In what looked to be an energetic steal on the road for the Pacers, led by DJ Augustin (34 points, 8 assists) and Paul George (18 points), with Roy Hibbert (10 points, 12 rebounds) locking things down in the paint, the stars of Beantown came ready for the dance and to please the crowd.

Rajon Rondo had another huge game, scoring 27 total (11-19 shooting), along with 17 by "The Truth", who rained in some crucial 3's down the stretch, along with Derek Fisher when Indiana's mad dashes were scorching up the court. Keeping with the theme, rookie Jared Sullinger attracted scarce defensive attention from the Pacers and gave them two well-timed three pointers to mull over, impressively doing his part to raise Boston's lead to a sweeping margin of victory in the 4th, along with Kenyon Martin (10 points). Despite low scoring by Jason Terry, Josh Howard sank a couple of 3's in his place and even Fab Melo put in 6.

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