Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PHILA fails again in Boston, lose third straight against Celtics (18-7)

It must be a "home vs away" thing, seeing as the Sixers battled their hearts out at home early in the year against Boston, but since have turned in two weak showings on the road.

So weak, that Rajon Rondo stayed in the news columns for steamrolling through Memphis in Boston's last game and was kept on the bench for this less-than-competitive cruise through late night Beantown. So did Paul Pierce, in fact, after missing a couple of shots. When a 20 point lead is staring back at you, it's not always worthwhile to hoist up a jumper over Andrew Bynum (12 points, 15 rebounds) or drive straight into said mac truck if you're the antidote to the Grizzlies, either.

Accordingly, Boston's reserves got some time in the spotlight, warding off a modest but unbecoming effort from Philadelphia, their leading scorer being J Rich, the aging traveler picked up (along with a hefty contract) in the Bynum acquisition. Clearly, Bynum has to give stronger effort if Philly hopes to win when the others are failing to do it for him.

In a less than compelling game, Josh Howard soared to new heights with 22 points and Rajon-substitute, Derek Fisher tried to match him with 20 of his own, leading Boston's play making duties with Rajon roasting marshmallows on the bench. 11 from Kenyon Martin and 10 from Avery Bradley also contributed to the breezy win against Philadelphia.

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