Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magic disappear in Boston, 80-89, as Celtics climb to strong 9-4

Orlando tried their best to act like the huge pink elephant with maturity issues never wore a Magic uniform as they visited Boston. Frankly, they needed Dwight Howard to come out on top of the Celtics, as Hedo Turkoglu (19 points) and Jameer Nelson (21 points) barely managed to outscore Paul Pierce (36 points) alone, who was hot all night and rattled in 5 from beyond the arc.

The final score is deceiving, however, as Orlando's lazy defense provided Boston with a run in the 3rd quarter that could've easily gone up to 25 instead. "The Truth" is that Paul Pierce played with more hunger and energy than the entire Magic squad, making them pay for dealing Dwight Howard and only receiving Aaron Affalo and Al Harrington in return, both of which only had modest impact on the score sheet.

Without heart, even a million clanging bricks meant to be three point shots by Derek Fisher wouldn't have changed a thing, nor would have the low numbers from the rest of the green team. Boston's strategy was obvious once Paul Pierce got rolling: Get him the ball, and get out of the way. Rondo and Fisher both did so, setting up Pierce with open jumpers and open lanes all night, two things Orlando couldn't be bothered enough to contest.

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