Thursday, August 16, 2012

GM's Desk: At a Crossroads

So, I'm a crossroads with the Celtics.

I need to acquire more defense in the frontcourt. Brandon Bass is unreliable as of now, both offensively and defensively, and I could acquire Paul Millsap from Utah by trading Jeff Green (who might be missed on offense) and another player. I could trade Bass, but that might also be a mistake.

Or, I could sign free agent, Jordan Farmar, to help improve the t... eam's offense, yet I could sign Kenyon Martin instead who would match Millsap when it comes to defending the frontcourt. I can only sign one with the Mid League Exception, and either way I'm lacking offense or defense.

"So, why not trade other players?" The problem is, all I have is Courtney Lee and Jeff Green, and Lee has a low salary, which makes trading difficult.

Either way, there is going to risk tagged along with any move I make.

The underlying issue is clearing some roster space, regardless. Hmm.

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