Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celtics deflate in awkard loss to Bulls.

It would appear that the Bulls have Boston's number, narrowing the home team 109-102 with better offense and strong rebounding. As usual. With Pierce unable to get involved for Boston's offense, along with KG, the rest of the Celtics were struggling to accept the truth: they weren't going to win this game.

To their credit, Boston resiliently kept clawing their way back within a point or two and finally took their first lead of the game in the 3rd quarter. But the 4th quarter saw a lid fall over the rim, when seemingly obvious shots failed to drop for the Celtics and Chicago's lead grew as a result due to Joakim Noah's dominance yet again in the paint (22 rebounds, 15 points), along with a few poisonous put-backs by Carlos Boozer (26 points, 14).

Rajon Rondo was left in defeat, despite 34 points mainly off his own shooting. Terry & Josh Howard (who returned to form, sort of) scraped in 19 and 17 respectively, but both missed those obvious wide open shots in the most important period of the game. That's unforgivable, but slightly less condemnable than 2 points and 3 more by KG & "The Truth." In hindsight, it's a testament of Boston's hunger to win how they stuck around in this game for so long.

Meanwhile, Derrick Rose dished out 11 assists, reliable as ever, and sank 19 points, but was outdone by teammate Rip Hamilton, who destroyed Boston's hopes with 27 points and 9 free throws. Boston can blame the whistle frenzy from the referees that gave Chicago 20 free points, points that ultimately affected the 7 point difference, but Boston should also blame themselves for their weak effort. Same story tonight as the last time these two teams met, and while Boston nearly stunned the Bulls, a tease was all they cared to muster tonight and a victory would've only exposed their flaws even more.

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