Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GM's Desk: Trade Deadline Lurking

As the Celtics tussle in Brooklyn, let's look at the weather forecast, shall we?

Recently, there have been showers of trade proposals or the beginnings of such proposals filling up my inbox, some of them laughable, others worthy of a moment's consideration. This is what happens when players have strong performances all year on a consistent basis.

Those that include offers for Rajon Rondo have been chuckled at. He's not going anywhere, despite his occasional tendency to be hot and go cold on a game-to-game basis. Other offers, such as those made for Paul Millsap have been worth mulling over. Although the former Jazz player has made strides since donning the Irish green, gold and white, his presence on the court has been less than prominent.

Normally, such deals would be out of the question, since I'm comfortably pleased with his performance as a Celtic and how he continues to be a reliable option on the floor most of the time. What player doesn't have a bad or underwhelming game every now and again? That being said, the trade deadline is looming.

Teams will continue to propose deals to better themselves, and every time the Celtics lose, I'm reminded of the imperfection of the roster. The defensive lapses against elite teams could be solved by acquiring "Big Ben" Wallace from Detroit in a trade involving the attractive Millsap, but clearly these matters aren't easy to assess. They require focus, both long term and immediate, but it would be nice to head into the playoffs with a stronger team overall that doesn't fall asleep on defense or miss so many shots when the team's success is on the line. A more versatile line of reserves would also be nice to have. Eventually, this will pass. Whatever happens.

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