Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celtics shock Bucks on the road

Struggling all night, it looked like the Boston Celtics would come up short in Milwaukee, especially with Brandon Jennings, Samuel Dalembert and Monta Ellis maintaining a lead for the Bucks whenever Boston tried to cut it down.

Moreover, the odds against Boston increased tenfold when Rajon Rondo fouled out in the 3rd quarter. Without their play maker, how could Boston possibly come back?

Yet, in the background, Josh Howard was knocking down shots. By the time he reigned in 30 points, the Bucks had no choice but to start worrying. The problem is, at the same time, the other Celtics stopped struggling on the offensive end. A shot here, a shot there, including a huge 3 by Howard, and the score was miraculously tied.

A responsive three-pointer by Milwaukee in the final minute seemingly shoved Boston back into place for good, but immediately afterward, sharpshooter Kevin Martin made up for all of his inefficient shooting percentage tonight, knocking down a surprising 3 of his own, tying the game once again.

A missed shot by Milwaukee, and a successful one by Boston gave the Celtics a lead they would never lose, pulling off a shocking upset, courtesy of gutsy intelligent focus and 37 points by Josh Howard.

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