Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trade Deadline: The Boston Celtics

The Celtics have yet to find a higher footing this season. Although they were neck and neck with the Miami Heat a couple weeks ago, they are now 5 games behind the defending champions and keep reducing themselves to erratic play, losing against inferior teams like Atlanta, Cleveland and Detroit while continuously choking against the top elite teams.

Although they've accumulated respectable victories against the Clippers, Mavericks, Thunder, Nets and Knicks, Boston still answers to the Heat, Spurs, Lakers and Bulls, leaving themselves with time to mull about their weaknesses and how each one has been abused by those powerful teams and will likely do so again once the win-or-go-home Playoffs begin. The Celtics might've gained better defense and size earlier this year when their GM made a couple of nice moves, acquiring Paul Millsap from Utah, along with Josh Howard from Minnesota, veteran 3-point man Derek Fisher, and signing Kenyon Martin to a contract. Their core (Garnett, Rondo, Pierce) have played well together for the most part, but still suffer through erratic lapses, especially Jason Terry, who can explode one night and vanish the next, most recently against the Lakers, a win Boston definitely needed to prove themselves.

The Celtics tend to fall asleep on defense, but also go on considerable win streaks. Regardless, this barrel of inconsistencies only damages their win/loss record, which will only hurt them more when it comes to having home court in the Playoffs. Because if you haven't guessed it already, the Miami Heat aren't going anywhere soon. They're thinking about a repeat, and if the Celtics truly wants another banner in the rafters of the garden, it's clear who they'll have to chew through to get one. It doesn't help that Miami has clobbered them in every meeting they've had this season, and will look to cap off the season series with one final crushing blow to Boston's Irish Green spirits for Boston's next game.

It's too early to speculate now, and Boston doesn't have many pieces to sell, but if Boston makes a move or two before the trade deadline, especially given that they've received a plethora of exchange offers for their top players, I won't be surprised.

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