Sunday, September 9, 2012

Celtics edged by visiting Knicks, 108-106.

This game was defined by 2 players: Kevin Garnett and Amare Stoudemire. The former went mad for 42 points and 10 rebounds, but the latter made the most important shot of the game when he crashed into the mountain known as Roy Hibbert but somehow got the ball to drop through the net after a desperate three-pointer by Kevin Martin (22 points) rattled in to tie the game with only 10 seconds left in the high-tempo showdown in Beantown.

With 4.2 to spare, Boston sought a victory, not overtime, thus the possibility to blow the roof off the TD Garden belonged to Kevin Martin. But Boston struggled to make a clear inbound, and after scrambling past the 3-point line, the sharpshooter missed his chance as the ball veered long off the back of the rim, causing the anxious crowd to fall into a sudden coma of disappointment.

It was a sensational comeback that was cut short by Martin's misfire, Amare's reckless miracle "shot", poor shooting by the other "K-Mart" (3/10) and silly misses by Rajon Rondo (17 points, 13 assists) & Paul Pierce (19 points), both of whom went 8-17 on the floor. KG's astounding performance is quite the contrast to theirs, and it's a shame that Boston couldn't complete an otherwise dazzling comeback.

30 points by Carmelo Anthony, 26 more convincing points by STAT, 18 points & 14 assists by Raymond Felton, a couple of unforgivable defensive lapses in the final two minutes, and a pair of shots by Marcus Camby (13 points, 15 rebounds) late in the 4th held Boston at bay when a lead change rode on NY's heels.

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