Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celtics grind out win in Brooklyn, 103-96

In an exciting contest that was unfortunately littered by foul trouble, Boston went into Brooklyn, where they'd been steamrolled far back in the season. This time, they left as the victor. A strong showing by Deron Williams (37 points) was marred by foul trouble and turnovers (10), sadly leaving Brook Lopez (19 points, 12 rebounds), Gerald Wallace (14 points) and Joe Johnson (15 points) on the losing end of the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, Boston's stars combined in brilliant efficiency, making plenty more shots than they missed. Jason Terry, fresh off a huge game against Atlanta, simmered in this affair, but still dipped in 15 points. The x factor of this game was indeed the streaky veteran, Kevin Garnett, who looked like the KG from ten years ago, hitting clutch shots (22 points) and bringing down 10 rebounds along with 'em. He just missed a triple-double with 6 assists.

Paul Millsap proved why Boston acquired him in the first place, momentarily silencing any trade considerations with 20 points. A light showing by Rajon Rondo, save for a clutch mid-range jumper in the final minutes capped off in 10 points and 7 assists, with "The Truth" scoring 14 points along with two very crucial free throws down the stretch in this highly contested back-and-forth match.

When a big shot was necessary to stick around, Derek Fisher splashed in three from beyond the arc for 9 points, teaming with 8 points from Kenyon Martin. While New Jersey isn't an elite team, they are on the cusp and tonight's win bodes well for Boston.

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