Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lethargic Pistons dominated by Celtics

After a tiresome battle with Cleveland, the Celtics were able to take a breather tonight because the Pistons came into Beantown with anything but a fight.

Detroit was outscored by nearly 15 in the 1st quarter, a telling sign of the outcome for this one-sided affair. Boston's stars spent the next 3 periods on the bench and turned to their reserves to handle this easy win that was secured by intelligent play.

Charlie Villanueva shot well, Avery Bradley dished the ball to and fro, but the main attraction was Josh Howard, who made the crowd's collective jaw drop, splashing in 30 footers like clockwork and dunking on the fly for 36 points in another outstanding effort.

Mercifully, the buzzer eventually sounded, capping off a 10th straight victory for Boston. However, they still trail the Miami Heat for the top seed in the Eastern Conference and are set to take on far more competitive foes in the next week.

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