Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boston freezes while Clippers blaze (83-110)

In a grimy first half, Boston trudged to a 4 point lead. Then they got stuck from the sludge accumulated from the foul-laden first half that numbed Millsap & KG from being effective.

But it wouldn't have mattered. Outscored 30 to 8 in the 3rd quarter, Jamal Crawford soared to 35 points for the Clippers, using the play making abilities of Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups to his advantage. Amidst his performance, fate protected the rim from Boston. They simply could NOT make a shot for the final two quarters, missing eleven straight shots after clanging in a few 3's to cut down the growing 20+ lead of LA (courtesy of 50% FG shooting).

Sometimes, these things just happen. But to be up by 4, blink, and then be down by 15 halfway through the 3rd quarter? That's hard to swallow. Hopefully, the next time these two titans meet on the court, Boston will be able to make at least one shot. Just one.

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