Sunday, September 9, 2012

Joe Johnson's big night spoiled by Boston

Despite a big lead in the 1st half and 40 amazing points by Joe Johnson, the Brooklyn Nets fell short after a mighty 13-2 run by Boston. All of a sudden, their lead was gone and Boston had already taken an equally large one for themselves.

Partly due to efficient play by Boston but unfortunately also caused by poor decisions by Deron Williams, who chose to shoot rather than feed the white hot hands of Johnson late in the 4th when the Nets still had a chance to strike back against the Celtics, despite Boston's spectacular play.

All the pieces were in place to lead Brooklyn's charge, including scary tough play by Gerald Wallace, who had a chance to cut Boston's lead by 1 and also a chance to tie it with a three-pointer late in regulation, but Williams chose not to, missing several shots in the final minute. Rajon Rondo finished things off by nailing clutch free throws.

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