Monday, September 24, 2012

ECF - Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics - Game 1

Shooting wasn't "hot" until the 2nd half, including a 3rd quarter that belonged to LeBron James (24 points) as he led a furious 12 point run to square the game against Boston, whose star players, Rajon Rondo & Paul Pierce, failed to find a rhythm all night.

After catching up, the Miami Heat played hot potato with Boston, both teams losing and reclaiming the lead multiple times until the 4th quarter got underway.

Despite Chris Bosh's big game of 26 points, the Heat started to miss shots down the stretch and whatever damage had been done to Boston quickly vanished as its two "Kevins", Kevin Martin (24 points) and Kevin Garnett (26 points, 12 rebounds), along with a surprise offensive turnaround by Josh Howard (who hit huge three pointers in the 4th after being cold beforehand) put the game out of reach for Miami, despite the shocking efforts of D-Wade and LBJ.

Rajon Rondo, even on an off night, had 14 points but it was Boston's eager effort to take the first game that granted their wish tonight as their defense stayed strong, holding Miami back at 90 points compared to their 103.

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