Monday, September 10, 2012

Wizards stun Boston, but not for long.

When what seemed like a blowout in the making suddenly flipped, a weary batch of Celtics were forced to fight for a victory at home. Shocked, Boston was forced to recall their stars from the bench after a surprising run by Washington. Thinking it wouldn't last, Boston relaxed on defense and they got bitten for it.

The Wizards worked their magic over Boston and nearly stupefied them into submission, but the Celtics took one look up at the rafters, full of championship banners, and rallied back, especially Kenyon Martin, who came in for Charlie Villanueva (who had a good game, but went cold in crunch time, needing to be substituted) and equally shocked the Wizards (led by John Wall and Jordan Crawford), cutting Washington's previously insurmountable lead to ribbons.

Still, Washington didn't back down and it was anyone's game down the stretch. But the Wizards missed some crucial missed shots and Boston was able to lift their lead to 3. When Washington missed a retaliatory 3 on the next possession, the contest was decided once Rajon Rondo was fouled and made a pair of free throws.

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