Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celtics grind out win at home against Rockets

The Celtics struggled with poor shooting all night, but made them when it mattered most, outlasting the young Rockets, led by Jeremy Lin (19 points, 6 assists) and recent trade acquisitions, Ben Gordon (20 points) and Tyrus Thomas (17 points, 18 rebounds). Chandler Parsons had 16 as well, but the game-changer was Paul Pierce (31 points) for Boston.

Both teams weren't shooting the lights out, but 19 from KG, 20 from ex-Rocket, Kevin Martin, some hopeful scoring by Kenyon Martin (10 points) and 9 & 9 by Roy Hibbert kept Boston in the game. Thought Rajon Rondo had an icky night, he finished with 8 crucial points and 7 assists.

Boston's win proves that it's not how you fail to shoot well, it's when you score. Especially when Houston failed to tie the game or take a lead on two attempts in the final minute. Lin's Rockets made Boston's legs shaky with anxiety, but Boston survived.

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